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Halo 4 multiplayer map 'Meltdown' demonstrated in video walkthrough

"Meltdown," one of the 10 multiplayer maps that will ship with Halo 4 when it launches November 6th, is the subject of a long walkthrough video narrated by 343 Industries' Kynan Pearson, which was published by IGN earlier today.

The map is essentially a large figure eight, with two defendable bases on either side, and a long bridge which crosses over the middle of the map to connect two elevated paths on either side. On the ground level of the map are a number of man cannons that either launch players and vehicles up onto the elevated path above, or straight onto the bridge in the middle of the map — essentially pulling the action back towards the center of the battleground at all times.

Check out a through runthrough of the map, as well as a brief clip of multiplayer gameplay footage, above.

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