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Guild Wars 2 writer disappointed in game's players heavily favoring Human race

A large majority of Guild Wars 2 players created Human characters instead of one of the game's four other, far more fantastical races, and one of the game's writers took to Twitter last night to voice his disappointment in the disparity.

As seen in the lower-left graph in the infographic above — which, from left to right, shows the breakdown for the Norn, Charr, Asura, Sylvari, and Human races — the Humans have more than double the population of just about all of the game's other inhabitants.

Yesterday, Guild Wars 2 writer Peter Fries tweeted about how players who favor Humans are missing out on some of the other races unique storylines.

"GW2 race popularity makes me sad. People avoiding charr & asura are missing the strongest story stuff in our game, IMO," Fries wrote.

He later added that the disparity seen in the graph above has only gotten worse since the infographic was first published in a Guild Wars 2 blog post last month.

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