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Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 deploying today and tomorrow with the Infernal Machine

1.0.5 imminent

Diablo 3's 1.0.5 patch will be deployed worldwide over the next day bringing with it a new item called the Infernal Machine, developer Blizzard announced on the forums.

Blizzard will be performing scheduled maintenance to deploy the patch in geographical regions. Maintenance times are as follows:

  • The Americas — 6 a.m. ET through 4 p.m. ET on October 16th
  • Europe — 9 p.m. ET on October 16th through 7 a.m. ET on October 17th
  • Asia — 4 p.m. ET through 2 p.m. ET on October 17th

The 1.0.5 patch will introduce the Infernal Machine, according to another post. Level 60 players can forge the device, which allows them to battle pairs of extra-deadly enemies for bonus rewards dropped by the vanquished foes.

Players will first need to collect four components of the Infernal Machine before assembling the diabolical device. Those who defeat the boss pairs can collect the spoils to create a Legendary item called the Hellfire Ring, which grants bonuses to experience and magic properties.

Blizzard recently announced that the patch will also adjust the damage for the Trail of Cinders ruin. Those who data-mined the previous patch also found references to the player-versus-player rewards tokens and a new deathmatch mode.

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