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Defiance developers show off game's open world player versus player mode

Trion Worlds showed off Defiance's open world player versus player (PVP) mode in their developer diary today, showing gameplay footage of players fighting across vast maps.

The open world game supports vehicles with offensive capabilities, allowing for mobile weapons and spawn points. Players will also have the opportunity to progress their characters through co-op and PVP and to take their unlockables between the two modes.

Defiance's creative lead, Bill Trost, said: "Player versus player in Defiance is going to be like nothing console players have ever seen before. You don't know what you're going to get until you get into the battle. It's PVP without boundaries."

The developers describe Defiance as taking the strengths of a massively multiplayer online game and widening the scope with what can be offered through PVP.

The developer diary can be viewed below. Polygon's E3 coverage of Defiance can be viewed here.

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