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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution comes to PlayStation Minis today

Beatshapers' BreakQuest: Extra Evolution hits the North American PlayStation Store today as a PlayStation Minis exclusive priced at $3.99.

Originally released in 2004 as a Breakout-style game, BreakQuest was re-released on PSP in 2010, and now BreakQuest: Extra Evolution incorporates the best from the original game and the 2010 title and redesigns all 100 unique levels with an additional secret level that brings the total to 101.

The founder and CEO of BeatShapers, Alexey Menshikov, wrote on the PlayStation Blog: "We took the best game and design elements of the original game and rebuilt it from scratch, incorporating our vision and our inspiration from the original BreakQuest. As a result, we have created a great game full of immersion and style, which really gives a new experience to players.

"Moreover, we decided to create 10 boss levels, each is unique mini-game: bosses attack your shuttle with a weapon which makes your shuttle unresponsive, reverses the controls or kills the bumper for a short amount of time, so you have to destroy bosses with strategy. The brute force method is almost possible."

The game features 33 musical tracks from the SandS Band. BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable.

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