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Big Head Bash comes to Facebook and Armor Games, Amazon and Aeria on the way

Big Head Bash coming to Facebook

Spicy Horse's browser-based, real-time combat game, Big Head Bash, is now available on Facebook, Armor Games, and Kongregate, with a launch on the Amazon and Aeria platforms expected soon.

The high-resolution 3D game set in a futuristic toy land where players get to run around with shotguns, flamethrowers, and plasma guns was first released exclusively to Kongregate in May of this year. The game is now available on multiple browser-based platforms.

Spicy Horse has also added a number of player-created characters to the game including politicians Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush, as well as characters from Alice: Madness Returns.

Big Head Bash is free-to-play and can be accessed on Facebook, Kongregate, and Armor Games.

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