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Guillermo del Toro says he's not giving up on Insane video game

In August, publisher THQ dropped development Guillermo del Toro's Insane, a planned horror video game trilogy, saying the title was not strategically "productive." THQ handed intellectual property rights back to del Toro who says he's now looking for someone else to pick it up.

In an interview with Kotaku today, del Toro says he's "talking to developers" in the hopes that Insane can still be made. "I'm not giving up on Insane," he said at New York Comic Con. "It's truly beautiful."

At the top of del Toro's developer wish list is Valve. "I really am a big fan of their games," he said. "Portal and Left 4 Dead have been instrumental family experiences at my house." Del Toro even says he cast Ellen McLain, the voice of Portal's GLaDOS and Team Fortress 2's Administrator, in his upcoming film Pacific Rim.

Del Toro and THQ originally announced Insane in late 2010, with plans to develop the game at Saints Row and Red Faction studio Volition Inc.

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