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League of Legends LAN version in development at Riot Games, Mac client news coming

Following internet connectivity issues at the League of Legends world championships that caused semi-final matches to be postponed, developer Riot Games says it's working on a local network version of the game designed to be played at tournaments.

Riot Games CEO Brandon Beck said at a press event today that the company was developing the LAN version of League of Legends, but didn't reveal whether the client would be released publicly. The LAN version will be used during the League of Legends world championship finals this weekend, with extra internet connection measures in place to ensure the reliability of streaming matches.

In addition to the offline version of League of Legends, Riot Games president Marc Merrill said that the long-promised Mac OS X version of the game is still in development. At the risk of over-promising that it would be coming "soon," Merrill cautioned, "We've got some good news coming on that front."

The League of Legends world championship finals will be held this Saturday, October 13th in Los Angeles at USC's Galen Center Arena.

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