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Game design students have excellent employment prospects according to City University London

A bright future for developers

The future of game development in the UK looks promising according to lecturers at City University London, who report that their Computer Science with Games Technology courses are proving successful, with strong enrolments and good employment opportunities.

"We get great quality students and they have excellent employment prospects in both the games and wider software industry, mainly due to strong technical ability," says City University London lecturer, Dr. Chris Child.

"We currently have around 35 games tecnology students each year at undergraduate level and 20 students on the MSc. Our applicants have been pretty consistent for this over the last four years. There was no drop."

The Independent reports that game development jobs in the UK often come with strong job security and salaries average between £33,000-38,000 ($53,000-61,000).

The head of Games and Development at the National Film and Television School, John Weinbren, believes there is plenty of room in the games industry for expansion, and this will lead to more opportunities for developers.

"With the growth of these portable platforms, games have become pervasive play-things for a rapidly expanding set of audiences," he told The Independent. "I see an increasing trend in games becoming more profound and emotive, and there are titles being made which genuinely offer more moving experiences in addition to the diversionary forms that we are perhaps more used to. Games are also a great way to learn things and I see this already big area as an expanding array of possibilities and opportunities."

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