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Square Enix closes online shop for good after security breach

Square Enix closes its official online shop

Square Enix will be ending one of its online shopping services by closing the Square Enix Official Goods Online Shop after the service suffered a security breach last month.

Kotaku reports that while no credit card information is believed to have been stolen during the security breach that occurred between September 13th-18th as these details were not stored on the breached server, Square Enix has said it is possible that the information may have been accessed.

As a result of the security compromise, the company posted a notice (in Japanese) today saying that it was effectively ending its shopping service by closing the Square Enix Official Goods Shop. The Square Enix eStore, which sells games and music, is still operational and will continue to sell Square Enix merchandise.

Last month's hack is believed to have exposed certain details of those who have shopped at the Online Shop, including name, mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses. The company wrote in an official notice last month that the compromised server did not store any credit card information for US customers.

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