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UKIE begins major research project into successful game industry business models

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment, a trade body dedicated to addressing the needs and protecting the interest of UK's video game and interactive media industry, has begun a research project analyzing the industry's most successful business models, reports

The research, undertaken in partnership with GamesIndustry International and digital games blog Strategy Guide, asks UK game companies to complete a brief anonymous survey. UKIE will collect information on what business models are currently pushing the industry forward, the benefits and risks of each, and determine which ones will see the most success and growth in the coming years. UKIE will also provide real-life case studies drawn from industry professionals.

UKIE is offering a drawing to win free space at the 2013 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco as incentive to complete the survey. All companies who take the survey will receive free executive summaries of UKIE's completed report.

"The games industry leads the way in the number of business models currently in use, from the still-strong, boxed product market to the fast growing microtransaction based and free-to-play models," UKIE CEO Jo Twist told GamesIndustry.

"Our survey will analyse the benefits and pitfalls of them, to see where they can best be applied to deliver best value to UK games businesses," he added. "This information will be invaluable to games companies in helping them to decide which model best suits the needs of their business."

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