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Epic Mickey 2 promotes creation and destruction through the power of paint

Disney Interactive released a new vignette for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two today, offering a more in-depth look at the most powerful tool in Mickey's arsenal: the magic paint brush.

As in the original Epic Mickey, our hero uses paint and thinner to interact with his environment, filling in gaps and missing parts of objects or erasing them where space is needed. Mickey can restore other characters as well, turning them into friendly allies through the uplifting power of the paint. Paint and thinner move Mickey through spaces, wiping away obstacles and enemies, and creating pathways where there previously were none.

The paintbrush not only serves as Mickey's tool for navigating Wasteland, but as the players' tool for crafting a unique experience based on their own decisions. Bring things to life or wipe them from existence: the choice is yours.

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