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Ludwig Von Beatdown brings the joy of Johann Sebastian Joust to your browser

Ludwig Von Beatdown, the latest Flash title from browser game developer extraordinaire Pippin Barr, interprets the very physical sport of Johann Sebastian Joust in a very digital manner.

The title lets you duel against three AI opponents, or two opponents and a friend sharing the same keyboard, or spectate a match between four computer players. In proper Joust fashion, you'll have to position yourself to swat the PlayStation Move controller in your opponents' hands while protecting your own, either moving quickly or slowly based on the tempo of the classical music playing in the background.

The game is available now on Pippin Barr's website, and while it may lack the visceral thrill of real-life Johann Sebastian Joust, your chances of breaking any bones (or, more realistically, any PlayStation Move controllers) are reduced significantly.

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