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Animal Crossing: Jump Out video takes you on a seven-minute tour

A seven-minute gameplay video of Animal Crossing: Jump Out shows off some of the upcoming 3DS title's additions to the series, including new house customization options, and visitable destinations.

The lengthy Japanese video spends a large chunk of time on the different ways players can make their domiciles their own, with a ton of themed furniture, wallpaper, and floor decoration options. The exterior of the house can be customized as well, transforming from a warm, wooden cabin into a cold, stone fortress in the video. Players who get bored with their hometown can head to different destinations for a brief getaway, including a bustling market, a busy city center, or a tropical island.

You'll need to set aside a good portion of your day to watch the demonstration in its entirety, but if you're pining for the days you spent with Tom Nook and friends, it will probably be worth the investment.

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