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Dead Space 3 trailer showcases Limited Edition's weapons and armor

A trailer released today for Dead Space 3, the upcoming optionally-cooperative survival horror game from developer Visceral Games, showcases the weapons and armor included in the game's Limited Edition package.

The brief trailer reveals the Evangelizer (a shotgun/assault rifle combo) and Negotiator (an instrument designed to dismember flesh), as well as the Witness and First Contact suits, and sets them in action against some typically-hideous Necromorphs. Publisher Electronic Arts also revealed screenshots of protagonist Isaac Clark's other suits earlier this month.

Be to check out Polygon's recent interview with Jason Graves, the award-winning composer of the Dead Space series' music, in preparation for Dead Space 3's February 5th, 2013 launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

You can pre-order the Limited Edition at the Dead Space 3 website and check out the latest space suit fashions in the trailer below.

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