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Twisted Treeline coming to League of Legends public beta

Twisted Treeline remade for League of Legends

A new version of Twisted Treeline is coming to the League of Legends public beta with major renovations being done to the map, it was announced today on the League of Legends message board.

Among the changes introduced to Twisted Treeline are:

  • More viable team comps: the item shop on Twisted Treeline now boasts an arsenal tailor-made to support every role in 3v3 combat, and the terrain has been modified to make blink champions easier to hunt down
  • An improved jungle: We've replaced the random monsters with new, reliable jungle camps, and removed most of the upper jungle to focus the action towards the center where the jungler can gank both lanes
  • Faster games: we widened the choke point outside each inhibitor to prevent late game turtling and added a wall separating the shrine turret from the Nexus to stop players from pulling super minions into the laser beam
  • More awesome neutral objective: The Lizard Elder has been replaced by two altars that can be claimed for a team-wide buff, and Ebonmaw has been replaced by Vilemaw - an epic giant spider boss!

The map is still in beta and Riot Games encourages those participating to give their feedback on the map.

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