Polynauts at War: The Vergecraft Construction

Newsfeed Re-release


Hello Polynauts back in the homeland,

I bring you this update from the front lines of Vergecraft. Much has occurred since The Verge had declared war on Polynauts.

  • The Vergins have declared a temporary cease fire. However, The Vergins are no more. Those Outlaws, though... Not too sure about them.
  • We have allies! An alliance has been formed with TJB, Hyrule, and Memories.
  • Polynauts have new enemies: splosion and Peace have declared war on Polynauts. Both have raided us at various times, having dome some degree of structural damage as slaughtering livestock. Worry not, as our intelligence community is working on gathering intel. There will be retaliation.
  • The Veterans seem to have a large claim of land around us. We're not sure if this is a deliberate move to prevent our growth or if it was a coincidence. This may lead to an outbreak of war between the Polynauts and the Veterans.
  • We have closed membership to the faction. For those that wish to join, contact a faction moderator or myself. This move was done to reduce the possibility of enemy infiltration among our ranks. However, we are always looking for more loyal members to rise up against the aggressive factions of The Verge.
  • While we have no qualms with HouseStark, Griffin1123 has abandoned our cause, due to to difficulties during the birth of our land and thus has been branded a traitor to the Polynauts.
  • Polygon Tower is 75% done in its fortifications:

We're continuing to stockpile resources, but we're already established to a degree where we can defend ourselves and attack our enemies, if necessary. As of this news update, we are putting war plans into motion.

While we enjoy lounging in Polynauts Central, keep in mind that there are those Polynauts that cannot be with us today, due to operations behind enemy lines. Their work and sacrifice aids our cause and brings us vital information to crush our enemies.

To our Polynauts operating behind enemy lines. We have compiled a new message for you.

That's all the news for now. See you again on the next war update!

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