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League of Legends gets spidery champion just in time for Halloween

Multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends is getting a brand new playable character just in time for Halloween, Elise the Spider Queen, developer Riot Games announced late last night.

Elise, whose concept was created nearly three years ago, will finally be released as a transforming champion, meaning she can shift forms in battle. She can take on the visage of a mage or enormous spider, both retaining unique skill sets.

As a mage Elise is a long-range fighter. She can stun and poison enemies with her Cocooon shot and Neurotoxin, as well as throw small venom-filled spiderlings at her targets. In spider form she can accrue higher melee bonuses and will summon these spiderlings to fight by her side, swarm her opponents, and heal Elise as she takes damage. Elise can also ascend above the battlefield and remain untargetable for a short amount of time before falling on her enemy for a poisonous bite.

Elise will be available to players with the next League of Legends patch, which will hit the game's public beta soon.

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