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The God and Fate Revolution Paradox trailer shows familiar mechanics from Z.H.P.

The development team behind the Disgaea series of strategy role-playing games has revealed the first gameplay trailer for its next project, an RPG titled The God and Fate Revolution Paradox.

The PlayStation 3 title is a spiritual sequel to Nippon Ichi's PSP strategy-roguelike Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman. As seen in the brief gameplay clips in the announcement trailer, The God and Fate Revolution Paradox shares Z.H.P.'s depth of character customization, as well as its unique hybrid of real-time and turn-based combat. Whether it also shares Z.H.P.'s tremendous difficulty remains to be seen, but based on some of the elaborate combos in the trailer, that also seems like a lock.

The God and Fate Revolution Paradox launches Jan. 24, 2013, in Japan. No western release plans have been announced by the developer.

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