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A Game of Dwarves trailer details the different kinds of dwarves lurking in the underground

The residents of the hollowed-out halls of A Game of Dwarves adopt different jobs and behaviors depending on the kind of dwarf they are, says a new game trailer released today by Paradox Interactive.

Digger dwarves do just that — dig, mining the area for construction materials and other valuable resources for dwarven living. Often digging will reveal a secret underground cavern stuffed with enemies, and that's where fighter dwarves come in, doing their part to keep the non-battle-inclined residents of their colony out of harm's way.

Dwarves may take on other specialized roles, such as researchers, workers who put green thumbs to use growing stable food resources, and woodworking crafters.

A Game of Dwarves is due out on Steam on October 23rd.

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