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Bullfrog Productions and Lionhead Studios staff discuss canceled games

Bullfrog Productions and Lionhead Studios' catalogue of canceled games includes titles too ambitious for the technology of the 90s and unpopular genre combinations, according to a recent interview with Eurogamer.

Creation for PC, canceled in 1997, focused on players breeding fish for battle in an underwater world.

"The game was actually set in the same universe and timeline as Syndicate, with rival corporations competing to claim this off-world prize," former level designer Alex Cullum told Eurogamer. "The player and their rivals used a derivative of Persuadatron technology to control sea life and then give the animals commands. The player's goal was two-fold: terraform the planet and defeat the rival 'evil' terraforming corporation, and they could do either task themselves or send off their dolphin minions to do it for them."

Cullum said Creation was scrapped because the idea of merging real-time strategy, resource management, and first-person combat failed to take off. He said that after presenting the game in a meeting, the team was told simply "sub games don't sell," so Bullfrog decided to can the project.

Another Bullfrog game, superhero beat-em-up The Indestructibles, was canceled because "technology was behind what [they] wanted to do," according to lead artist Fin McGechie.

"Bullfrog was going through a lot of changes at the time and the freedom that made the company so successful was disappearing," McGechie added. "After a while it was apparent that the game probably wasn't going to get done."

Lionhead Studios' prehistoric sandbox game B.C. was brought down by its own overambitious scope, while voice-controlled Kinect game Milo and Kate was written off as a tech demo after being in development for three years.

The full set of interviews and details on these unpublished games can be found at Eurogamer.

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