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Far Cry 3 developer video invites players to go digging in the game's sandbox

There's a lot to do in the open-world sandbox of Far Cry 3, from fighting off animals and other island inhabitants to jobs like scaling a rickety metal tower; activities that are the focus of the latest developer diary from Ubisoft.

The video above features 13 minutes of gameplay with narration by lead designer Jamie Keen and level design director Mark Thompson. Viewers get a look at Amanaki Village, one of the hubs where players are safe from attack, as well as a handful of challenges including the first—and easiest—mission players will encounter in the game.

"The level designers get a little bit mean with later [challenges,]" says Thompson in the video. "It's good that they don't do anything like, put their names in credits so everyone knows who they are."

Far Cry 3 is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on December 4th.

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