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Intel releases free Kinect FMV game Discovered starring Chris Evans, LMFAO

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Dance, fight, and pose for stardom

Addressing the paucity of full motion video games on Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft and Intel released Discovered this week, a motion-controlled experience starring Captain America's Chris Evans, Redfoo of LMFAO, and model Chanel Iman.

Discovered is an Intel-sponsored game — so expect ample Ultrabook product placement — described as an "original interactive film powered by Kinect." Players must complete various tasks to achieve in-game celebrity, such as engaging in fights with stuntmen, DJing a live show, walking the red carpet, and posing and smiling for magazine photo shoots.

The game is a free download from Xbox Live Marketplace. Discovered was developed by Wahoo Studios, creators of A World of Keflings, Cloning Clyde, and Akimi Village.