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Intel releases free Kinect FMV game Discovered starring Chris Evans, LMFAO

Dance, fight, and pose for stardom

Addressing the paucity of full motion video games on Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft and Intel released Discovered this week, a motion-controlled experience starring Captain America's Chris Evans, Redfoo of LMFAO, and model Chanel Iman.

Discovered is an Intel-sponsored game — so expect ample Ultrabook product placement — described as an "original interactive film powered by Kinect." Players must complete various tasks to achieve in-game celebrity, such as engaging in fights with stuntmen, DJing a live show, walking the red carpet, and posing and smiling for magazine photo shoots.

The game is a free download from Xbox Live Marketplace. Discovered was developed by Wahoo Studios, creators of A World of Keflings, Cloning Clyde, and Akimi Village.

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