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Steam Greenlight now allows non-gaming software and early concept submissions

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Developers can now submit more than just video games to Valve's community-driven Steam Greenlight initiative. Starting today, developers can post non-gaming software, like accounting program You Need A Budget, as well as software concepts early in development stages.

Valve says the process for non-gaming software will work just like video games currently do: The community will vote on whether a piece of non-gaming software should be distributed through Steam. Valve started selling non-gaming software through Steam in early October.

In addition to non-gaming applications, Steam Greenlight now allows for the submission of software early in the development or creative process so developers can gather feedback from the Steam community. Concept software can be posted to Steam Greenlight for free, bypassing the $100 one-time submission fee, but community voting does not lead to software being distributed via Steam.

A handful of game concepts have already been submitted to Steam Greenlight.

Valve pushed a number of other changes through Steam Greenlight today, including an updated front page that highlights recent submissions and Friends' favorites; the ability for developers to add contributors to Greenlight submissions; and a widget-creator designed to help promote contributors' Greenlight entries.

Earlier this week, Valve announced that 21 new games had been approved for distribution through the Steam Greenlight program.

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