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Zynga settles lawsuit with PyramidVille developer

Zynga takes legal action over use of "Ville"

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Zynga settled its lawsuit against French studio Kobojo today after filing a claim against the studio for trademark infringement over the use of the "Ville" suffix in their game's name.

The lawsuit was filed back in May more than a year after PyramidVille launched on Facebook, with PyramidVille Adventures releasing on mobile some months later. Zynga took legal action against the PyramidVille developers, seeking damages that equaled three times the profits Kobojo made from the PyramidVille games.

As part of the settlement, which a Kobojo representative told Gamasutra, neither parties made any payment, although Kobojo recently changed PyramidVille's name to PyramidValley and the mobile version of the game was renamed PyramidValley Adventures.

This isn't the first time Zynga has taken legal action against other studios for using the "Ville" suffix in a game's name. In late 2011 the social gaming company sued Night Owl Games for the use of "Ville" in DungeonVille. In May of this year Night Owl Games filed a notice of dismissal, which was granted by the US District Court of Texas.

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