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DayZ gets new player-made Namalsk map

The infestation grows

A new player-made map is coming to DayZ, the zombie survival mod of Arma 2, it was announced on the game's official forum.

Namalsk, originally a player-made Arma 2 campaign, will feature new zombie models, changes to the way character clothing handles temperature, and a reduction in the amount of food that can be found in the game.

"For all of you DayZ fans that weren't into Arma 2 before DayZ," writes DayZ operations manager Matt Lightfoot. "One of the big player made campaigns was on an island called Namalsk. Tons of enterable buildings, scary as hell and generally damn good modding. The team has just announced they will support DayZ mod."

DayZ originally released with only one map, Chernarus. Users can access the new Namalsk map here.

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