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Haunts Kickstarter project halted after money depleted and programmers quit


Mob Rules Games' Kickstarter project Haunts: The Manse Macabre has halted progress due to overspending funding and losing all its programmers, according to a recent update on the game's Kickstarter page.

Haunts, a haunted house-themed horror game in which players take on the role of the house's supernatural inhabitants or human investigators exploring the area, netted $28,739 on Kickstarter, more than its original goal of $25,000. In the post on Kickstarter, founder Rick Dakan writes that the game is basically finished but requires extensive bug testing before it can be shared with backers.

"The principal cause for our dire condition is that there are no longer any programmers working on the game," Dakan wrote, noting that Haunts' lead programmer was only contracted to work on the title for a year, while a second programmer no longer wants to work on the program in his spare time.

The game has also been written in the Go programming language developed by Google, which is not widely used and limits the pool of programmers available to work on Haunts.

Currently Dakan is in talks with developer Blue Mammoth Games to hand over the project. He has also offered to refund backers' pledges out of his own pocket.

"We're going to make this game, and if you can hang on for what looks to be a long road ahead, we will get it finished, but that's not what I asked you to sign up for and it's not what you gave us money for," he wrote. "Email me directly through Kickstarter if you would like your pledge refunded."

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