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Strike Suit Zero boasts international team of industry veterans

Strike Suit Zero, a '90s-style space combat shooter with an international team of industry veterans, has earned nearly a quarter of its $100,000 Kickstarter goal in its first day live.

Strike Suit Zero, in development by U.K.-based Born Ready Games, puts players in control of massive Gundam-like battle mechs called Strike Suits that can transform into fighter starships.

The Strike Suits were designed by Junji Okubo, whose creative pedigree includes Capcom's 2002 Xbox game Steel Battalion and real-time strategy role-playing title Infinite Space. Two backers who pledge $10,000 or more will have the opportunity to collaborate with Okubo on crafting new Suits for their exclusive in-game use.

Strike Suit Zero will also feature a soundtrack by composer Paul Ruskay, who scored Relic Entertainment's 1999 space RTS Homeworld, and Japanese artist Kokia will lend her vocals to the game's main theme. Kokia has written and sung for several video games, including Tales of Innocence and Final Fantasy 13-2.

"There's a fusion of cultures at the heart of Strike Suit Zero; a strong notion of East meets West," reads the game's Kickstarter page. "From the soundtrack, to the mechs, to the way the gameplay itself unfolds. Strike Suit Zero is a combination of sounds, designs and mechanics that have been brought together with the precise aim of making the best space combat experience possible."

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