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Eidos president says broadband is 'kind of holding us back' regarding digital distribution

Eidos president Ian Livingstone thinks the poor quality of broadband connections is holding back the video game industry's transition from physical to digital distribution, reports Total Telecom.

"What we need is super-speed broadband," Livingstone said at the 2012 Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam earlier this week.

"You're kind of holding us back in many respects,″ he added, addressing telecommunications providers in the audience. "The games industry is big... it's the largest entertainment industry in the world. Games are now moving from a product to a service."

Currently several of Eidos games are running on Square Enix's Core Online, a streaming games service for browsers. Players earn game time by watching advertisements or can purchase levels individually.

Livingstone explained that as gamers turn more towards digital services, broadband networks are strained. Game files are getting larger, with each generating around 6 terabytes of player data along with a game file 9 gigabytes or bigger.

″The message is: build bigger pipes and we'll try not to fill them,″ he said, urging companies to establish more reliable connections. ″ISPs, please do not rest on your laurels.″

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