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Outernauts changes detailed, result from player feedback

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Insomniac Games' Facebook game, Outernauts, has rolled out some "major changes" in response to player feedback, the developer announced.

"You have told us what you liked, didn't like and what you would like to see in the game. We've listened, and hope you'll login and see what we're so excited about," reads the announcement.

Insomniac has removed pop-ups, reduced energy requirements and many challenges no longer require friends to complete. Outernauts now has 20 new beasts, co-op dungeons, weekly challenges, and crystals, which players can used to "enhance and customize" beasts. In the announcement, Insomniac teases more changes to come, in addition to those above and performance enhancements.

Insomniac held a panel at PAX Prime 2012 where members of the development team talked about how they built "a real game" for Facebook, so be sure to check out our write-up from the panel.

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