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First auction of 38 Studios assets raises approximately $180,000

not a bad haul

The first of three auctions selling off 38 Studios' assets, which took place earlier this week in Timonium, Md., brought in total sales of about $180,000 — a "robust" number, according to an overseer for the auction.

The Oct. 16 auction concerned property belonging to Big Huge Games, the Maryland-based subsidiary of 38 Studios. Items auctioned off included office furniture, computers, televisions, and video game consoles. The highest-selling item was an animation suit that went for $9,500. Over 300 individuals attended the auction, and 200 more followed the bidding online.

"In my experience, Monday's auction can be considered robust," said Richard Land, the receiver for 38 Studios in the auction. "Having this many bidders helps to extract greater value for the property."

The second auction is set for Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 38 Studios' former offices, located at 1 Empire St., Providence, R.I. Similar items, including computers and audio equipment, will be sold. There's no word yet on whether memorabilia belonging to 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling, such as his historic bloody sock, will be available for bidding.

The third and final auction will concern the most valuable of 38 Studios' assets, its intellectual property. That sale is expected to take place in about three months.

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