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Sony teases 'The Reload,' full reveal coming Oct. 23 (update: followed by 'The Arrival,' 'The Aftermath')

A brief new video from Sony, "The Reload," appears to be teasing an upcoming advertising spot related to last year's iconic "Michael" ad from the "Long Live Play" campaign.

The 16-second video shows a woman cleaning a gun before she reloads it, at which point the power goes out. She appears to be the same woman as the receptionist in the lobby of the inn from the "Michael" commercial.

The end of the video gives a date of Oct. 23 for the full reveal, which will take place on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Update: Sony released two more 20-second video teasers, "The Arrival" and "The Aftermath." The first shows the woman opening the building's door as a mysterious figure steps down from a car. The final teaser, posted below, shows the aftermath of what must be this figure's arrival: a janitor sweeping up bullet shells strewn about the inside of an empty structure.

The full reveal for Sony's teasers is tomorrow, Oct. 23.

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