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Need for Speed: Most Wanted's Kinect controls let players tune cars with voice while driving

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Criterion Games' open-world racing game Need for Speed: Most Wanted implements Kinect-powered voice commands in interesting, if somewhat unrealistic ways.

At their most basic, Kinect voice commands on the Xbox 360 version let drivers access menus or start cars by saying commands like "Engine start." More interesting are the on-the-fly car modifications players can perform with their voice so their fingers can focus on running from the police. In the heat of a police chase, players can swap in a tougher chassis or tires more suited to the terrain while keeping their eyes on the road.

In a new video highlighting Most Wanted's Kinect controls, producer Chris Roberts shows how to navigate the game's "Easy Drive" menu, quickly swap cars, and get a quick 360 degree camera pan using only voice commands. Roberts says the voice commands in the new Need for Speed were inspired by the ones BioWare introduced in Mass Effect 3.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and PlayStation Vita on Oct. 30.

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