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Namco surveys fans on new look for Pac-Man

What does casual Pac-Man look like?

Namco Bandai is making a new Pac-Man game, turning to its fans on Facebook for help in deciding on the unannounced game's new art style.

The four possible visual styles on offer range from the 3D pre-rendered look of the Pac-Man animated series planned to air on Disney XD to a flat, minimal look for Pac-Man, Blinky, Inky, and Pinky. Somewhere in the middle are more traditional cartoon styles that veer toward classic arcade artwork.

A survey for the new Pac-Man game, posted on the franchise's Facebook fan page, implies that the title will be a "casual game." Namco lists a wide range of potential platforms, including smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PCs, in its survey, asking fans on which devices they prefer to enjoy their casual video game fare.

Polygon has reached out to Namco for clarification on the new Pac-Man game and will update with any comment offered by the company.

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