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Marvel Heroes closed beta begins

Marvel Heroes in Beta

Gazillion Entertainment's massively multiplayer online game, Marvel Heroes, has kicked off its closed beta and is inviting players to take part by registering for an account.

Posting to the game's Developer Blog, Marvel heroes' community director, Stephen Reid wrote that the team had a great response to their early call for closed beta applicants – now it's time for players to jump in help the developers test the game.

"Notice I did say ‘testing' and not ‘play a demo' or ‘play the game early'," Reid writes. "When we say ‘Closed Beta' it means that you're testing unfinished software. Marvel Heroes is still in active development, and everyone who applies for Closed Beta should realize, quite simply, that it's not done.

"We hope you'll enjoy playing, but we also hope you'll help us make the game even better with great constructive feedback and dedicated testing. Taking part in a Closed Beta can sometimes be more like work than play – but it's a unique chance to see a game taking shape, and to get an insight into development."

Those who are interested in taking part in the closed beta can register for an account, fill out a survey, and Gazillion will select applicants to join the beta.

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