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League of Legends adds 'Honor' system

Riot Games' multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends now has its "Honor" system in place, a mechanic that Riot hopes will solve the game's community management issues, the developer announced today.

The Honor system is the opposite of the game's current reporting system, in which players can report each other for offensive behavior or frequently logging out of games early. This new system asks players to distribute honor points to others after player-versus-player matches, rewarding teammates or opponents based on their helpfulness, friendliness, and how well they worked together.

Riot stresses that Honor is "not a currency" and cannot be spammed or traded, but will be used over time to identify the "most Honorable" players. The developer is looking into ways to award these team-players with special bonuses.

Valve's Dota 2 includes a similar program, in which players reward each other for helpful behavior and community participation.

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