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Mass Effect 3 update tweaks dozens of multiplayer features, fixes exploits this week

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A Mass Effect 3 update scheduled to launch this Thursday on Xbox 360 will include dozens of changes to multiplayer classes and remedies exploits, while simultaneously setting up future content, BioWare recently announced.

Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble announced the patch's release date on Twitter yesterday, adding, "It will be our largest patch, and has been in dev. for months." He also teased the patch "sets us up for future ... things," but did not go into further detail on the subject.

The full patch notes, which were posted shortly thereafter on BioWare's official forums, are awfully exhaustive, addressing a number of issues and serious exploits affecting the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3. Some changes are more substantial than others: For instance, Singularity, a major ability for Biotics users, has been completely redesigned from the ground-up.

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