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Resident Evil 6 PS3 downloads cause game-crashing bug in Europe

patch incoming

European players who pre-purchased Resident Evil 6 digitally on PlayStation 3 are having difficulty downloading and running the title, according to a thread on the PlayStation EU forums.

Players are reporting the error code 80029513, the universal tag indicating problems with a download from the PlayStation Network. On attempting to boot up the game, players are shown a message stating "The copyright protection information is invalid," due to an 11 MB day-one patch tampering with the system authenticating the game.

Players have been able to run the game without downloading the patch, and those who have downloaded the patch will have to delete the game and reinstall it in order to play. They will not be prompted against to download the patch. Players with digital copies cannot participate in online multiplayer with disc-version players or access ResidentEvil.Net until the patch is fixed and re-issued.

"We are currently working with SCEE to fix the issue asap but do not have specific timing as of yet," a representative from Capcom told Polygon. "We'll let our users know and keep them updated via our channels such as Unity as soon as we know."

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