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Gears of War Erector kits bring Locusts and Delta squad home

Gears of War as imagined by Erector

The vehicles of Epic Games' Gears of War franchise have infiltrated Toys R Us as Erector kits, Erector's parent company, Meccano, announced today.

Unlike traditional Erector sets, the Gears of War kits are "one-off builds," designed to create the Gears vehicles. The kits, which range from $24.99 to $59.99, include:

  • COG Armadillo — Designed for fast transportation, the COG Armadillo features three rotating gun turrets, a trap door, six wheels and a mobile front tread.
  • COG King Raven — This transportation and assault helicopter for the COG army features rotating propellers, two mobile doors and retractable landing gear.
  • COG Centaur Tank — This authentic COG tank has a hood-mounted 360° rotating turret with a mobile cannon, four real-working large wheels and a mobile front tread.
  • Locusts vs. Delta Squad Battle Set — Recreate a battle scene between the COG Delta Squad and the Locusts, including a watchtower, tanks and crates. Then choose your side: the COG army with the Armadillo and enter the battle!

In the box, budding builders will find 80 to 300 pieces, character figures, stickers, tools, and assembly instructions. The kits are available now at Toys R Us retail outlets and at

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