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EverQuest Next will be the largest MMO yet, says SOE president

"The same exciting content delivered in a new way." John Smedley, SOE President

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley called EverQuest Next "the largest sandbox-style MMO ever designed" at this year's annual SOE Live convention, according to EQ2 Wire.

Next, as the project is currently called, will contain "the same exciting content delivered in a new way," said Smedley, who went on to call it something "the MMO world has never seen before."

"If you look at the MMOs out there, they're delivering the same content over and over again," Smedley said. "So are we. We need to change that. When we released EverQuest, we changed the world. We want to do that again with a different type of game."

EverQuest Next will take place in a parallel world to Norrath, the fantasy world in previous titles. According to Smedley, a playable build will be available by next year.

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