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GameStop to package exclusive game with BioShock Infinite pre-order

The game includes 50 levels and can earn you in-game items for BioShock Infinite

Customers who pre-order BioShock Infinite at GameStop will also get a free, retailer-exclusive puzzle game called BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, according to a post from a NeoGAF user.

Industrial Revolution will apparently put players in control of a factory worker in Infinite's world. In order to support one of two factions, the Vox Populi or the Founders, the worker must complete puzzles. The game is said to include 50 levels and can earn you in-game items for BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite is scheduled for an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC release on Feb. 26, 2013.

Update: Irrational Games has confirmed the pre-order bonus game, which is available to play now once you place a reservation through a participating retailer. Check out a few screens from the title below.

The next level of puzzles.

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