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Battlefield 3 patch will feature option to disable color grading

Turn it off

An upcoming PC game patch for Battlefield 3 will allow users to disable color grading within the game, EA Digital Illusions CE's Mikael Kalms confirmed on the Mordor HQ forum.

Kalms states the studio will not add a menu option to switch off color grading entirely as it can't support "questions and bug reports regarding stuff that happens when color grading is disabled."

While he adds that disabling color grading offers no "major competitive advantage/disadvantage," it will mean that items such as the IRNV scope will not work.

Digital Illusions CE recently threatened to ban users who made use of a mod that disabled color grading. Disabling color grading removes the blueish tinge from the game, resulting in a more natural look that developers at EA Digital Illusions CE stated were too colorful in comparison to the intended worn-and-torn look of the game.

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