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Former 38 Studios employees form start-ups, find employment

Former 38 Studios' employees have begun to find solid ground again, forming small start-up companies and finding work with larger developers, reports

Former employee Richard Gallup along with 25 co-workers founded Summer Camp Studios, named for the group's sudden unemployment, to make iOS game Fart Cat. The $0.99 app, released back in September, asks players to feed the application's eponymous cat as many smelly foods as possible. Since Fart Cat's publication, many of Summer Camp Studios' staff have found full-time jobs at larger studios.

Former developers for Copernicus, the massively multiplayer online game in progress when 38 Studios closed its doors, can be found at Turbine, Irrational Games, ArenaNet and Demiurge Studios. Many found work with Epic Games' Impossible Studios, created specially for those left unemployed by 38's parent company Big Huge Games in Maryland. Crate Entertainment recently used some of its $537,000 Kickstarter donations to hire five former employees of 38 Studios.

"Even now with folks that have gone on to other jobs, you hear them say, ‘I like the new job, but it's nothing like 38,' " said Geraldo Perez, who created app studio King Bee Digital Games after 38 Studios' collapse.

"One of the sad things is how much good talent was taken out of the area," said Gavian Whishaw, who moved from Vancouver to take a position at 38 Studios. Whishaw worked with Summer Camp before recently being hired by ArenaNet in Washington. "People really cared about making a positive impact in Rhode Island."

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