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Razer unveils Invicta, Manticor, Destructor 2, Megasoma 2 mouse pads

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Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer revealed its 2013/2014 lineup of mouse pads today: the Invicta, Manticor, Destructor 2 and Megasoma 2.

All four will be available worldwide later this year; the Invicta and Megasoma 2 will be sold exclusively through Razer's website.

Each of the four desktop accessories offers a unique surface and design, and caters to particular styles of play. At $59.99, the Invicta is Razer's top-of-the-line pad. It offers an aluminum platform with a reversible surface that offers a smooth glide for speed on one side, and a ridged design for control on the other. The Manticor ($49.99) features a rubber base holding an aluminum plate and a sandblasted surface designed for speed. Next up is the Destructor 2 ($39.99), with a rubber base and "micro-textured" surface coating that has been improved over its predecessor for more responsive control. The Megasoma 2 ($39.99) rounds out Razer's new offerings with a rubber base and hybrid surface that's both hard for precision and soft for comfort.

Razer has also produced a behind-the-scenes video detailing the production process for the Invicta, from concept through industrial production to consumer use. Check out the classy footage below.

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