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0x10c video shows off 'base functionality' and sound for multiplayer

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The newest video of 0x10c, the upcoming science-fiction space sandbox shooter from Minecraft maker Mojang, shows off "base functionality" and sound effects from the game's multiplayer mode, according to studio head Markus "Notch" Persson.

A previous video featured similar gameplay footage, but included no sound.

The video contains a flickering issue, the robot is a placeholder and "most of everything is missing," said Notch in the YouTube description. But it's also the first time we've heard any sound from the game: the pew-pew of the lasers; the throbbing hum of the green hologram; the tinkling tune emitted by the computer.

Mojang has announced no release window for 0x10c, which is planned to offer multiplayer space combat in a persistent world for a monthly fee, along with a single-player campaign. Each in-game spaceship will be controlled by a user-programmable virtual 16-bit computer, and the game world will offer its own economy including mining and trading.

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