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Nintendo partners up with Burger King for Wii U giveaway, Nintendo-themed Kids' Meal toys

Burger King is offering Nintendo-themed Kids Meal toys and a chance to win a Wii U console today through Dec. 2, the fast food company announced on its official website.

Participants must make a purchase at a Burger King restaurant and enter a code on their receipt at the contest's official website in order to play.

Children under the age of 12 can take part in second contest. Logging onto the BK Crown website and playing one of the site's games gives players a shot at one of 10 Wii U systems and other Nintendo-themed prizes.

Additionally, participating Burger King restaurants in North America will feature Nintendo-themed toys in Kids Meals, including figurines of Mario and Luigi and Wii U-inspired items.

"Like Burger King, the Wii U console provides families with the occasion to get together to enjoy each other and interact in a fun and memorable way," said Burger King vice president Flavia Faugeres in a press release. "We've enjoyed a great relationship with Nintendo and are excited to offer our guests a chance to be one of the first to own this highly-anticipated gaming system."

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