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Gamestation website to close next week

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Following a merger with its parent company, Game, the website for Gamestation will close next week, according to an announcement published on the website.

"As you may have heard, Gamestation and Game are coming together under one brand," the statement reads. "This applies to the website as well as our stores, so as a Gamestation online customer you will have your account transferred to"

Customers will be able to access their accounts on the website beginning Oct. 29, 2012. All Elite XP points and achievements, which shoppers earn through a loyalty program when buying games, will be transferred to the new website, as will pre-orders.

The U.K.-based Game group entered administration earlier this year. The British retail outlet had over 1,000 worldwide stores, but began consolidating its brands and closing retail stores, including liquidating Game Australia, throughout the year.

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