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Microsoft expands $99 Xbox 360 offer to more stores, adds $149 options

Latecomers looking to buy an Xbox 360 for just $99 — plus a $14.99 per month Xbox Live Gold subscription for two years — for the holiday season will soon have more options. Microsoft is expanding the program it introduced earlier this year, reports the Dow Jones newswire, to include new hardware options and additional participating stores.

According to the report, the $99 bundle, which includes an Xbox 360 with 4 GB of storage and a Kinect sensor, will become available for purchase at Walmart, Toys R Us and all GameStop stores. Originally, the deal was offered only at Microsoft Stores, later rolling out to Best Buy and select GameStop locations.

In addition to the 4 GB model bundled with Kinect, Microsoft will reportedly offer a 250 GB model for $99 (plus subscription) without Kinect packed in. An Xbox 360 with a 250 GB hard drive and a Kinect will cost $149 (plus subscription).

While the initial investment is cheaper, participants will ultimately pay slightly more for the console.

Interested Xbox 360 owners will still have to be verified for the program, undergoing a credit check before they can purchase a discounted console. Dow Jones reports that Microsoft will allow customers to undergo that credit verification online, as opposed to in-store, to expedite the process.

Microsoft says it may offer a similar incentive internationally and plans to continue the program for future hardware releases.

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