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BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution offers permanent consequences to in-game choices

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A Flash game with permanent consequences

BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, the Flash game that comes free with select BioShock Infinite preorders, will force players to carefully consider their in-game actions by making the consequences permanent, developer Lazy 8 Studios told Joystiq.

Lazy 8 founder, Rob Jagnow, told Joystiq that the puzzle game is designed to be played once – the choices players make on the first playthrough are permanent – the game cannot be replayed with different allegiances.

"Not every player may realize it, but the choices you make will impact how the story is told to you," Jagnow said. "And once those choices are made, you can't go back and make them again. They're permanent.

"While that may not make everyone happy, I think it makes for a really compelling player experience. it gives a lot more weight to your actions and their consequences."

BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution is currently free and playable for anyone who preorders BioShock Infinite from participating retailers or Steam.

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