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Eve Online player loses $6,000 worth of virtual goods after frigate is destroyed

A big loss for a small ship

An Eve Online player reportedly lost $6,000 in virtual goods when he tried to transport a large cache of valuable blueprints in a tiny, unfitted frigate that was subsequently destroyed, according to Eve Online developer CCP Games.

Eve Online's virtual economy has fixed real-world currency values for in-game items. Player "stewie Zanjoahir" was reportedly transporting 213,000,000,000 ISK worth of goods in his frigate. Joystiq reports that the amount of ISK being transported could buy approximately 367 30-day game time codes (PLEX) at around 580 million ISK each, which is a combined total of 30 years of game time. This amount of PLEX would have roughly cost $6,422.

The killboard that the kill report was posted to appears to be verified with EVE Online's automated API service and CCP Games confirmed it on its Facebook page.

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